music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

A Wonder
A Revelation

It's comin' full straight full force
Dashing in my heart and in my soul
I have to realize
That I am burning like a torch
And I'm loosing my control
I'm a human being
I'm not that cool
I'm not a machine
No machine
I'm no machine
That's the thing

Your fragrance
Your hair
Your smile
That's not fair

Your words
The way you speak
Your looks
Make my flesh creep

It's comin' full straight…

I'm meltin'
I shiver
Your looks
I quiver

I'm burnin'
A slow match
By your touch

Your voice
An attack
Your body
I'm goin' mad

Your skin
Love it
Your mouth
No legit

It's comin' full straight…

Achim am Schlagzeug - beim Nikolausrock 2011