music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

Last monday I woke up early in the morning
Outside my window a flying saucer just was landing
It destroyd my favorite flower beds
A little man in green jumped out and said
Hello there, I'm an intergalactical flying tradesman
And this is the right place to open my shop, man
"I sell lubricated universal preservatives
Comimg from the far far outer space

And he told me, that he had this allocation
From the office of united unviversal nations
And I could get a compensation
I only had to go for it
To the office of his planet
And he said:

Stick it out
Come on over
Take a flight
To Berloh Skorap°

Cool down
You can get it
Up there
On my planet

Stick it out
Come on over
Take a flight
To Berloh Skorap

Seven on my grass
Selling things
To funny creatures
Oh my god
Tell me who need this

They smoke my grass
Use my house
As the central rest room
For a jumble sale
Pissing in my loo
Through tubes and pipes
I don't know

Stick it outů

I sell lubricated preservatives
To some odd creatures
With some hot features
Proof my offer
Choose my goods
On your sofa
on the loose
If you want the whole of it
Search it on my planet
come on
Get it
Come on
And get it"

"Berloh Skorap" ist ein Planet im Sternbild Hund (nachzulesen im Fantasy Roman "Jablonsky" von unserem Sänger Ralf)

Ralf singt Berloh und hat die Yoda-Maske seines Sohnes auf
Ralf singt "Berloh Skorap" in der Aachener Rocknacht, Dezember 2005

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