music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

Wake up in the morning
Demons in the dawning
Stepping out of my dreams
Stepping out and it seems
That nothing means anything to me
Anything to me
Demons stepping out

Out of my dreams
Stepping out
Out of the night
And nothing seems
To be right
Nothing seems
To be real

And I feel confused

I step under the shower
I hate the morning water
Cold and wet, my power
Is reaching to his border
Drink a cup of coffee
Not strong enough for me

Still feel like being
In a dream
Sitting tired
In a train
Feeling sleepy, ugly, small
A lady just in front of me
Sends a lovely smile

And I feel confused

Boss is crying
Come into my office
On the desk I see them laying
Some suspicious papers

I remember all my sins
Came late, forgot some things

Congratulations, he starts
Good work, he says
He opens the till
And I feel so confused


The whole world is a miracle
And I’m a fool in serial
Confusion is the concept of my life
The crest that hangs
Above the fire-place
And everything that jells is
To take leave of my sense


The whole world...

Mafish im Dim Sum Biergarten 2005