music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

Rain keeps falling
Man is running
Rain falls harder
Man gets wet

You ask for woman
In my song
There's no woman
She is home

The man is running
No umbrella
Rain keeps falling
Man runs faster

You ask for children
Ask for others
They don't have children
But there's an other

Drives a car
Just nearby
Man is running
Car comes up
Through some water
Man get's more wet
Get's so wet

Car's away
The man is lonely
Man is running
Through the rain

You ask for others
They are away
Rain keeps falling
Man is wet
Rain rains harder
Man's too fat
For running faster
Has no breath

Man has water
In his shirt
And there is water
In his pants

Man keeps running
Water keeps running
In his shoes
Man stops running
Get's the blues...

Man stops running
Get's the blues
You ask for mercy
The man does too
Rain is over
The song is too
Man is down and out
And how are you?

Mafish's Blues Abteilung! Wir "bluesen" selten und dieses Stück ist auch eins von den selten gespielten. Auf dem Frankenberger Open Air im Sommer 2009 haben wir es nochmal aufgeführt. Hat Spaß gemacht, und wer weiß, vielleicht kommt's wieder ins Programm...