music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

You’ve got tender lips
And the deepest eyes
And I evident
Have got a display on my face

Where you read anything
What’s about me

And everything’s
Written over there

Has to do with love
So deep as your eyes

Someone said
Love has to ripen
But our love
Needs not to grow

At it’s best
It needs a chain

Or something else
To get controlled
Before it will

So take care
That you don’t loose yourself
And I care
To do that by myself
But if that doesn’t work

Let’s get lost
Let’s get lost

I’m living for
Those unpretending moments
When happens so much
A little touch

Meaning more than words

Exploding in my heart
A little smile
From your eyes
Mmh, your eyes

It took so long
To perceive
Years to release
From blindness and fears
Took so much years
But now it’s real
Now we feel
Love, love, love

So come on
Let’s get lost...

Malteserkeller 2007