text ©by ralf moß, music ©by mafish

Jau, jau, jau
A mole's running through his lodes
Shovels a way night and day
Away through the soil
Leaving some spoil
Looking out full of doubt
The molehill and he fears
Farmers shovel and spears
Brit? Nay! He cries out
But moles are not that loud
Now in my brain you're running round
And round again
You're digging like a mole
Leaving longing in the hole
And now I'm done, that's no fun

Like a mole underground
You're diggin' in my head around

Times I'm blue
More blue than a sponge
A sponge from Yves
Blue and I steam
Like a
And I think if
I drink a little rum
May be I come
To a higher sphere
But I fear
rum gives no cue
But a headache and I plunge
Down into
A coffein brew
But sorrows don't walk
Away like passersby
So I cry

Like a mole…

Arrows of Eros are going deep
But Eros doesn't drink
Rum but Ramazotti, so call him cupid
Or Eros, but then he gets stupid
By ouzo

Tell me what you drink
I tell you who you are
I tell you what I think
But watch out I go far

Like a mole digs underground
You're diggin' in my head around

Well my bell
Tolls and I know it's time to go
But you're still there
In my brain and I can't get
You off my head