music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

You wait for Robin Hood
To come from the wood
To fight for the Good

You’re waiting for Zorro
To bring hope for tomorrow

You’re looking for Superman
all that men
to come again

You think of Hercules
Strong arms and legs

You think of John Wayne
Who would be fain
To shoot the pain

You’re hoping for Superman
a Fireman
just a man
but no one came

Not even James Bond
Is on the front
Not Sean Connory
Or the Cavalry
In last minute attack
What a hag

All the heroes are away
You are alone and here to stay
So help yourself - or pay

All the heroes are away...
All the heroes are away...

They bought Robin Hood
To booster frozen food
As the only real and good

And Mr. Zorro
He’s so sorrow

Superman leaves
With Christopher Reeve
In Stockings and mad
Hanging by a thread

In a blue screen sceene
It is so mean
So mean

See Hercules’ maze
Lost in Cyberspace

And what’s about the gun mans’ paddy
John Wayne?
John Wayne is big leggy

Don’t wait for Scotland Yard
They break up a scottish yard

Digging for a snoop award
With subversive activity

They find a lead of electricity

All the heroes are away...

Ralf singt 'Robin Hood' im Malteserkeller 2007