music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

Time is flying like a bird
And also life flies fast to end
The human being stands on the ground
And seeks despairing for his wings

Salomé, Salomé dance with me
Make me glad, I’ll pay with my head
Salomé, Salomé dance with me
Make me glad, I’ll pay with my head

The city’s full of speaking people
Thousand’s running all around
You were glad to talk to them
But you shut your timid mouth


The world is crazy as can be
The door is closed and there’s no key
A leak is in the ship, you stay
On board, all life-boats are away


There is a life before the death
The devil knows if it is worth

Dein bester Freund kommt jeden Tag
Im TV um Mitternacht
Er lächelt freundlich, macht ’nen Witz
Damit du dich nicht mehr einsam fühlst
Schalt die Glotze ab und schau hinaus
Da ist kein Weihnachtsmann, kein Osterhase
Die Welt sieht draußen anders aus
Als in der Lindenstraße

Die Welt sieht draußen kälter aus
Da friert der Osterhase

Salomé, Salomé tanz mit mir
Ich geb dir meinen Kopf dafür

Life comes to it's end
Without experience
Your last short fervent prayer
You hope that on the other side
Something’s going on
And is there life beyond the death
We hope that it’s no mess
To live without our heads

Salomé, Salomé dance with me!

Summer in the city, Eupen 2005