music ©by rolf dittberner, text ©by ralf moß

All is thought and said
All is done and lays
Behind us now

All the calls and dates
Waiting in the rain
Now raise your frock

Up to your knees
Up to your ...

I love this game
Drives me insane

Don’t let look your navel
Much too fast
Don’t feel embarrassed
About your flesh
Pull your frock
Little bit higher
Slide the stuff
Over the curve
Stretch the seam
At your nipples
Make me feel
I kiss your knee
I rub my ear
At your thigh
Feel your tremble

I love this game
Drives me insane

Feel your hand on my head
Your fingers in my hair
My thumb in your mouth
My tongue in your house
You sink to the ground
Crawl in the bath me with me
Shower-water runs
I lick the drops
I lick your drops
Off in faint
By your taste

I love this game
Drives me insane

Shower, piquant, warm
Water on our skins
Your legs about my hips

Vapor wraps us up
Minds are on the run
Milk flows in the jug

Your scream
Meets my scream
We melt
Like ice cream

I love this game
Drives me insane

Your heavy breath
In my ear
Our released groan
Too much for me
But don’t you stop

After the show