music ©by mafish, text ©by rolf dittberner, lucia mingers

Fear is coming every night
Alone lying in the dark
Tears are running every night
Remembering the pain in past
Teddy is holding her hand
A hope for a happy end

But listen to steps on stairs
Creaking stairs
A horrible nightmare

She has won
Time is gone

Guys are staring at her
Cause she’s a really pretty girl
And boys are getting mad of her
Reaching for her love
And she is searching for love
But she only finds panic fear

Listen to steps on stairs...

Bad times are gone now
Feeling free now
And the fear is gone

Fear is gone now
Spirit to love now
Fear is gone now

The way was hard to go
But she never gave it up
Trust to one guy has open the way to love
And love is shining in her eyes
Her face is smiling bright
Never listen to stairs
Creaking stairs
No longer a nightmare

She has won...