music ©by mafish, text ©by ralf moß

When you close the fridge
The light is out
You have to believe
Or you’re left in doubt

A little bird doesn’t know
That it’s able to fly
But when the wings have grown
There’s no need to be shy

You can’t catch the sunshine
You can’t hold a beam
And time is a straight line
No left, no right and no between

That’s the way the cookie crumbles
But don’t spill the beans
If you eat some special cookies
Not even time is what it seems

But your goose is cooked
When you open the tin
To late to regret
When Pandorra was in

So don’t burn your fingers
Keep the box closed and firm
But if you’ll never open the oyster
You’ll never get the pearl

You’ll end in the jail
If you steal a bag of sand
You’ll end as the king
If you take the whole land

Here comes the winter
Here comes the spring
Here comes the summer
Time is no thing
That you can touch
Your time is running
Rush, my friend, rush

Tomorrow is
Tomorrow is
Tomorrow is
Already yesterday

Your first kiss
Your last kiss
Your love is
Gone and away

You can’t catch time
Right like the sunshine
You can’t hold the hours
Like a bunch of flowers

And like the flowers in the vase
You fade to human waste

Some day you wake up
The first time of all
Later the death knocks
And that was it all

Time is slipping
Without a saying
You’re sitting pretty
For a early laying

You can’t open the future
Like a book from the back
But you’ll never get an answer
If you talk to a brick

You have to believe
Or you’re left in doubt
Either you’re in
Or you’re out
Take it or leave it
Think about it
Not too long

im DimSum 2005