text ©by ralf moß

Doesn't care what I think
Doesn't care what I mean
Is it useful or not
Is it devil or god

Sticky sweet in the bag
Without looking back
Turning the car
In the parking gap
And I wonder how fat
Is the policeman I see
I remember how mad
An information will be

Useful or not
Devil or god
Bed or breakfast
Stiff or brandish

But I remember nothing else
I'm a member with no face
Sitting silent
In the backrow
For a long time
Very unknown

Everything's wobbling
And I see a goblin
With the beast of burbon
In the east of Berlin

And it's yellow or true
It's the smell of a cue
That you need in the plight
Is it dark, is it light

Take the chambermaid as well
Before your drive to hell
Eat the sweet in your bag
Before it's melting away